What is This?


I'm Hitreg, I run a YouTube channel that primarily covers the behind the scenes work that goes into making anime/manga, whether it's the manga artists who create the stories, the animators that bring the pages to life on the screen, or the overarching system that makes it all possible and governs how everything is made.

From the artists that waltzed into success to those who struggled and almost gave up before writing the story that would change the course of their life, I've made plenty of videos that condensed these people's lives and topics into nice simple stories, where they go from lost and confused to unfathomable heights of commercial and personal success.

But the videos can only cover so much of the story - and because of the rules of storytelling I have to cut out a lot of fun tidbits I found in research from the videos because they just don't complement the flow of the action at that particular moment, which I felt was a shame.

So I made this website - for the more curious people that watch my videos to learn more about what they watched.