The Beginning


The beginning of my art journey, all the back in 2019-2020

Ever since I started drawing I kept a progression of my progress. Every time I drew, all the way back to when I was doing the 250 box challenge from Drawabox.

At first it was just a gallery of photos (and it's still sitting on my computer), but eventually I started blogging each post on a website to keep track.  It lasted over a year, and it got really really cluttered. It was everyday for almost 18 months, and the site became a mess.

I still want to keep that diary thing going, but I don't want the entire site to get cluttered up, so instead I'll put every single progression picturethat I have on my computer in this one post. It spans 15 months, from from November of 2020 to April of 2022. I do have records before that, on an old instagram account called drawreg, but I don't upload there anymore and haven't even opened it in years.

After April  I made my first video, and youtube took over my life. But hopefully by the time you're reading this I'll have managed my time a little better and there'll be some actual stuff here.

One more note - for some reason I never drew full pieces of my own. I almost obsessively practiced anatomy and figure drawing to the point where I got really good at it. But then I kept doing it, and diminishing returns meant I plateaued, got frustrated, and even started getting worse. Then I burned out. Hard. And I still haven't fully recovered.

So don't do that :)

Also last warning - there are NSFW pictures here, full or practice. Even if it's just practice, they're very NSFW. I had an NSFW phase and honestly idk if I'm out of it yet LOL. We'll see, but consider yourself warned. There won't be any more warnings



The last thing for January. I made a big decision on new years day and bought Peter Han's Dynamic Sketching course, which was $799 (out of my $1100 bank account) at the time. It was a gigantic risk and it was worth it. It set me up with good drawing habits that I still carry

February 2021

March 2021

April 2021

May 2021

June 2021

July 2021

August 2021

October 2021

November 2021

Just. We don't talk about this jesus fucking christ.

After this the burnout started hitting me hard. It feels really... shitty to say that that picture was the last full picture I drew.

But at this point my consistent "only doing figure drawing" was causing me to view drawing as an extreme pain in the ass and I started to lose interest in it. A little bit after I lost interest in the NSFW stuff because it turns out that looking at lewd stuff is one thing, actually drawing it is another.

A few months after that I burned out.





Feb 28th: Exploration into heads, using a method from New Master's Academy. It was really interesting



It was a pain in the ass to get all of this off my progression folder and into this one post. In fact I have to back and delete/unpublish all the progression posts now too.

But honestly doing all this made me (forced me) to appreciate how far I went in that short amount of time. And it honestly makes me wanna jump back into it, now not just worried about how fast I can get in as short amount of time but how much fun I can do it too.

This was a nostalgia trip for sure, and for anyone who made it all the way to the end, I hope this illustrated how consistent practice can actually get you somewhere.

Or, something like that :)