Heya! I'm Hitreg 😄

I'm a 20 something year old who's been addicted to YouTube since kindergarten. That's pretty much it... 😅

I tried to start a gaming channel once in middle school, but after the video wouldn't export I gave up. Fast forward a couple years, I decided to ditch the gaming channel idea in favor of a documentary channel of some sort (after watching Lemmino, Johnny Harris, James Jani, etc) - the only thing left for was to decide what topic to make my videos on...

Why anime/manga?

The idea came to me when I was sitting around in an airport -

Long story short I had a Nino keychain on my backpack and I realized for all the hubbub going around I never actually knew who made the anime. I looked around and it didn't seem like anyone was doing that kind of stuff, so I decided to do it myself -

Thanks Nino ur the best girl don't let anyone tell you otherwise 🥰

Of course, it's one thing to start a YouTube channel, it's another to actually keep doing it and make videos and whatever this is. It's a time sink after all and you don't get paid well for it, so what's the point?

The real Reason

It didn't take long after researching videos that I realized the working situation in Japan for mangaka, animators, and other creatives is extremely dire. Whether it's borderline slave labor, lack of resources for newbies, or just the general indifference of a majority of people to what is actually going on, I feel like it's a big shame that something so popular as anime/manga can get away with such shit treatment of the people who actually make anime/manga.

It's probably a stupid and naive goal, but I do want to one day start a nonprofit that aims to help alleviate some of the wrongs in the working industries of anime/manga over there in Japan.

Of course, tell me to do it right now at time of writing and it's a goal so beyond me it's almost stupid to think about. But I want to do it anyways, and the first actionable step was to make awareness of it.

That's why I made the videos I make - beyond just the joy of making high quality videos, I want to expose the very real and human side of an industry that manages to bring all of us so many memories and content while somehow remaining a black box no one ever looks deeper into.

These manga artists, these animators - they're not gods. And as much as everyone (even creatives) jokingly say they are, they aren't just born out of the womb being able to whip out One Piece or Jujutsu Kaisen or etc etc.

The humans they are, they've been through plenty of their own struggles. Many were one step away from giving up completely before something or someone turned them on the right track that would see their name catapult to unfathomable success.

And so beyond loving video making, beyond wanting to help the people on the ground that make all our favorite anime and manga, I also want to pose a single question into every single person who watches my videos:

If they could do it, why can't you?

...For such a small channel I really do have a big mouth 😅😅 All this talk about why I started my channel and I didn't even talk about why I started this website, my god